Project Spotlight: Martinsville High School

Posted by SC Marketing on Aug 3, 2018 9:13:10 AM

School spirit was the driving theme behind the Martinsville High School transformation. Martinsville was looking to create fun and relaxing lounge areas for students to work on group projects or study. The Well, the Stairwell Lounge, and the Senior Room were designed to do just that.

The Well

Before the transformation The Well was simply a hallway housing nothing more than a few vending machines. Mobile booths and tables maximize the otherwise empty space  by fashioning seating that can be easily moved and reconfigured when necessary.


Martinsville H.S.-12Martinsville H.S.-13

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Stairwell lounge

Space was maximized yet again with the Stairwell Lounge, turning useless space into a popular student hang out. Custom lounge benches and drum stools beneath the stairs created the Stairwell Lounge, giving students a place to sit back and relax between classes.


Martinsville H.S.-9

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Senior Room

Logo table tops and logo back bar stools are found throughout the Senior Room. Mixing in lounge seating and drums tools, the senior room became a multi-function space for students to study or meet with various groups or clubs.


Martinsville H.S.-1

Martinsville H.S.-7

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