Mobile Options For Your Cafeteria

Posted by Marketing on Nov 26, 2018 9:14:15 AM

Multi-use spaces are trending in cafeteria design due to the amount of schools without a dedicated cafeteria. Schools use multi-use spaces for a gym, an auditorium and a cafeteria. Mobile furniture solutions allow gym class, play practice and lunch to happen in the same room throughout the day. Here are three mobile furniture pieces that can transform any area into a cafeteria big enough to feed the masses one period and host a basketball game the next period.

Mobile Booths

Martinsville H.S.-12Traditionally, cafeteria booths did not allow for flexibility in cafeteria use or design as they were either drilled into the ground too cumbersome to move. Mobile booths change that by providing comfortable seating in school cafeterias that can be easily moved and stowed away until needed again. SCI’s Pilot Booth features casters for easy movement for multi-use spaces to be reconfigured with ease. Nest mobile booths back to back for a double-booth effect that can be deconstructed as quickly as it is put together. 

Mobile Tables

Hazelwood M.S. -13 Mobiles tables come in many sizes and can easily be pushed together to created larger tables or pulled apart to make smaller tables when needed. Locking casters keep mobile tables in place when they are in use. The SCI mobile tables are built with nesting in mind allowing for compact storage to keep the tables tucked out of sight when they are not in use. The mechanism combines function and efficiency by allowing the user to operate it from either end of the table top.

Crowd Control

Hazelwood M.S. -2Crowd control barriers are essential for cafeteria flow and function. The panels can provide direction as to where the crowd should go, organizing lines and improving traffic flow. They can also be used to create clear separation within a multipurpose room. Add school colors, the school logo, or custom graphics and the crowd control panels liven up the cafeteria with character and school spirit. The barriers can easily be pushed against a wall while not in use and still add creativity to the room. Our crowd control comes with the options to be on casters for ultimate mobility and functionality. 

Mobile furniture pieces rid the problem of overflow cafeteria rooms by transforming the biggest room in school into the cafeteria at lunch time and back to a gymnasium or concert hall soon after the bell rings. Mobile booths provide flexible seating with added comfort, mobile tables easily flip and roll out of sight, and crowd control barriers bring the entire cafeteria together.

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