How to Increase Dining Privacy with Booth Seating

Posted by SC Marketing on Feb 11, 2019 10:42:35 AM

Booth seating is usually prime real estate in any dining atmosphere. Diners like the added comfort, privacy and overall coziness of the secluded seating.  Here are three ways to amp up the privacy while incorporating booth seating into your dining environment. 

Round Booths

Circular booths create an intimate conversation nook, providing full visibility for everyone seated at the table. Round booths are not only private, but intimate. Customers are attracted to round booths because of the unique dining experience they provide. 

Virginia Tech - Turner Place



Rowan University
Booth Surrounds

Booth surrounds offer full privacy with divider walls that extend towards the ceiling, creating a secluded dining nook without being tucked away in the corner. The divider walls  shields the sound of the hustle and bustle of a restaurant, adding additional privacy to the table.

Michigan State

Extended Back Panels

Extended back panels are a simple fix to add privacy to booth seating. The extra height incorporates a new element of design to the space and blocks the view and noise of other diners. The extended back panel can also serve as a divider wall to separate the dining area without sacrificing the open floor plan concept.Southern Connecticut State University


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